Who is this chick that makes babes look like models?

I always wanted to be a therapist, and little did I know it would take the shape in boudoir photography. You see in 2001 I never wanted to photograph women: much less women in their underwear. 

And then one day I had a wedding client who wanted photos for her fiance. I told her I can’t promise you anything since I didn’t know what I was doing. And here we are 12 years and 4 studios later!

Women walk through our doors for so many different reasons: 

Moms getting their mojo back

Brides looking for a wedding gift

Babes slaying fitness goals 

Anniversary presents

Birthday presents

Confidence boosts

Celebrating the beauty of a baby bump

Couples igniting the fire back into their relationship

The one thing remains the same between all of these women. They walk out with their heads a little higher, a pep in their step and a newfound love for themselves. I have been told that sessions like this are better than therapy. 

Our full service boudoir studio is located in Martinez which comes complete with a bedroom, dressing room and steamy outdoor shower. Nervous? I was too! That’s me in the photos to the right.  Feel free to pick up the phone and give me a call! Photos of this nature are a bit intimidating and we are here to ease your fears. 😘

Photos by Dollhouse Boudoir, Lindsay Rae, Andi Boudoir and Megan Clouse

"This by far has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life!!!"

We love chatting on the phone: let us answer all of your burning questions. 


Check out our
lingerie closet

The lingerie closet is stocked full of items that flatter all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a small or curvy girl we have plenty to choose from. We also have a good number of accessories at the studio that you can borrow. Some of these include a lace robes, veils, pearls and a variety of shoes. Due to varying sizes and style preferences we find its best to bring your core outfits and then accessorize with our closet.

WHAT ABOUT POSING? I can’t make a sexy face!  

I got
you girl!

At the start of the session, I show you all of the epic fails of posing on myself! I will pose you down to your fingertips and even show you how to make the sexy face! It’s easier than you think! 🙌🏼

Do you retouch?

Only if you want it!

I pose you to the best of your ability to show off your best assets: show off those curves and your personality too! Your final images are retouched to your preferences: many women see their images right out of the camera and love what they see. #winning

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