This by far has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life!!! A few months ago I won a Boudoir shoot…..I didn’t plan on sharing this but, I think all women should do this ONCE in their life. Well, as you know me, I may love to take selfies but, I’m not one to be in front of a professional camera. I like control of angles for pictures of myself and I am by far no model. I was nervous… I was paranoid… I wanted to talk myself out of it. What was I thinking, it’s not accepted by society for women to be half naked in pics, and if you are you get ridiculed or talked poorly about. I’m also NOT ONE to like to be naked period, especially in front of people let alone pictures as I am very self cautious of my body.

You’d be surprised what a life of growing up being made fun of for being overweight can do to you. It takes years to undo that damage… Well, little did I know a Boudoir shoot does not require you to be naked. It requires you to let your hair down, throw all those nasty insecurities out the door you think about yourself and show your beauty inside and out, your character and embrace the shit out of your beauty as a women!!!!

To be honest, I never felt so empowered, sexy, thriving, beautiful, sultry, all of it! EVERYTHING us women should feel everyday all day but in the whirlwind of life we live in with jobs, family, children, it seems impossible to be able to do so and embrace our lives as women. We are not only women, moms, sisters, daughters, friends. We also deserve to embrace the sexiness within us!!! Well, here it is…. A picture to express that if I did it, so can you! I can’t express how much I think EVERY SINGLE WOMEN NEEDS to do at least once in her life. It will change the way you feel and look at yourself. I PROMISE!!!!!!!!

With all this being said, today I scream at the top of my lungs: STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE UP TO A STANDARD THAT THE WORLD PROVIDES, Do you, be you, but most of all, do what makes YOU happy!!!!